About Us

For more than 10 years we have delivered first class service. As you begin the portrait process, rest assured that our years of expertise will guide you to the perfect portrait.”

Tanya Odom is the principal photographer and owner of Oh, Goodness Fine Portraits. Tanya and her staff strive to nurture lasting relationships with her portrait clients and are repeatedly asked by clients to photograph their families over and over again. The expectations are high and Tanya is thrilled to deliver pieces that speak to their heart.

Some of Tanya Odom’s earliest memories are of sitting on a high bar stool, in the darkroom her father built in their garage. Patiently waiting under the dim red overhead lamp and watching photographs develop was nothing short of magical. Through these images, Tanya’s father was able to tell the story of her family.

Tanya connected with photography at a young age and loved how the camera allowed her artistic eye to have a purpose. Her father was always right by her side giving her the encouragement and guidance she needed to follow a dream. He pushed her to challenge herself daily and inspired her to become the 3rd generation in their family to own a business. Growing up surrounded by photographs guided Tanya to pursue what she fell in love with, creating portraits. Being surrounded by portraits of her family, especially those who were no longer living, has given her a sense of place in her life and an understanding of her heritage. Tanya continued her formal training with their Professional Photographers of America and completed all requirements to receive the designation of Certified Professional Photographer.

Oh, Goodness Fine Portraits specializes in creating timeless memories through the art of portrait photography. The elegant pieces are only a portion of the world class experience created by Tanya & Oh, Goodness Fine Portraits. Tanya and her team will hold your hand as they escort you through the portrait process and share their expertise with you. The experience you will enjoy is second to none.

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