That moment when your bride comes to pick up her wedding album. You place it gently in her hands and her eyes begin to fill with tears before she even opens it. She smells the leather and hugs it to her chest. That’s the moment you live for as a photographer. When you realize that what you do matters…to someone. As she turns each page, her smile widens and she relives every detail, every tiny moment because she can now SEE and FEEL it. They are no longer digital images on a computer screen in front of her. They are real photographs in beautiful color and rich black & white. It’s a moment like no other and one I wish I could experience every day. Thanks Ashley for making me realize the impact the images and the relationship we have developed has made. You are the best!

Triad Wedding Photographer_0450.jpg
Triad Wedding Photographer_0451.jpg
Triad Wedding Photographer_0456.jpg
Triad Wedding Photographer_0453.jpg
Triad Wedding Photographer_0454.jpg
Yeah, this is when I died…when they let me devote an entire spread to one glorious image. How awesome it that???

Triad Wedding Photographer_0455.jpg