Talk about a year flying by faster than you can even imagine. This one has been an absolute blur. I’m quite sure it had something to do with the fact that my own child was a senior this past year and the last few months have been chock full of end-of-this and end-of-that activities, not to mention that little thing called graduation. But now I have had time to go back and look through all of the awesome seniors I have photographed this year. What an amazing group of kids who have incredibly bright futures ahead of them. So proud of them and thrilled to be part of their high school experience. I always feel so connected with my seniors and I watch them grow with so much anticipation. Congratulations to all of you on your accomplishments and lots of good wishes from me to you as you move forward!

Anne…NC State University
Triad Senior Photographer_0407.jpg

Jack…East Carolina University
Triad Senior Photographer_0408.jpg

Vicky…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0409.jpg

Grace…Vanderbilt University
Triad Senior Photographer_0410.jpg

Alicia…Elon University

Michelle…Texas A&M
Triad Senior Photographer_0411.jpg

Paige…UNC Charlotte
Triad Senior Photographer_0412.jpg

Zack…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0413.jpg

Olivia…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0414.jpg

Nathan…Appalachian State University
Triad Senior Photographer_0415.jpg

Spencer…UNC Wilmington
Triad Senior Photographer_0416.jpg

Elizabeth…Stanford University
Triad Senior Photographer_0417.jpg

Kelly…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0418.jpg

Jonathan…University of Virginia
Triad Senior Photographer_0419.jpg

Braxton…Auburn University
Triad Senior Photographer_0420.jpg

Jack…Ole’ Miss
Triad Senior Photographer_0421.jpg

Anna…Wake Forest University
Triad Senior Photographer_0422.jpg

Ben…NC State University
Triad Senior Photographer_0423.jpg

Bailey…Seton Hall University





















Christian…Appalachian State University

Triad Senior Photographer_0424.jpg

Melanie…UNC Wilmington
Triad Senior Photographer_0425.jpg

Hally…NC State University
Triad Senior Photographer_0426.jpg

Ellen…Georgia Tech
Triad Senior Photographer_0427.jpg

Lydia…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0428.jpg

Katie…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0429.jpg

Allison…UNC Chapel Hill

Brooke…Tulane University
Triad Senior Photographer_0430.jpg

Collin…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0431.jpg

Kayla…Lipscomb University
Triad Senior Photographer_0432.jpg

Patricia…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0433.jpg

Katherine…East Carolina University
Triad Senior Photographer_0434.jpg

Lyndsay…Appalachian State University
Triad Senior Photographer_0435.jpg

Mariana…Philadelphia University
Triad Senior Photographer_0436.jpg

Brittany…UNC Chapel Hill
Triad Senior Photographer_0437.jpg

Emma…UNC Chapel Hill

Olivia…NC State University
Triad Senior Photographer_0438.jpg

Josh…University of South Carolina
Triad Senior Photographer_0439.jpg

Thanks to each of you for choosing me photograph you at this pivotal time in your life. So very excited to see where you all land!