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Dogs of Winston-Salem Photo Book by Oh Goodness Fine PortraitsAs a resident of Winston-Salem for almost 29 years, Tanya’s heart is ingrained in the local community. And although she grew up in Eastern NC, Winston-Salem truly feels like home to her.

Tanya has long been a contributor to local non-profit groups and has used her time and talents to give back. She donates her time to photograph the children at Brenner Childrens Hospital on a quarterly basis, has worked closely to support the Winston-Salem Symphony as well as ABC of NC, the nationally recognized and groundbreaking school for children on the Autism spectrum, to name a few.

As an animal lover, Tanya wanted to combine her portrait skills with her passion for animals and create a piece of art that the entire community could enjoy and take part in. Tanya envisioned a large-scale fundraising project that would benefit the dog-loving community of Winston-Salem, NC. This coffee table book would feature a local dog on each page of the book. In order to be included in the book, the dog’s owner would make a $150 donation to a rescue group. Tanya would donate her time and studio space to photograph each participant. All of the donated money would go directly to the group in order to help their cause of finding fur-ever homes for dogs in Winston-Salem.

In the fall of 2016, Tanya was introduced to Erin Turner, one of the founding members of Stepping Stones Canine Rescue. Stepping stones is a small, but very experienced, group of individuals committed to finding homes for neglected, stray and abandoned dogs in the Triad area. They are passionate about matching the dogs they foster with the perfect family and take an inordinate amount of time to conduct home visits and to determine each dog’s personality and temperament so that the best match is made. Stepping Stones is entirely dependent on the volunteers who foster for them as well as financial donations to provide medical care and food for the animals they rescue.

Tanya was immediately drawn to Erin’s commitment and Stepping Stone’s mission and Erin quickly said “Yes!” when she and Tanya met about the project. Much time was spent creating social media blasts promoting the project, hanging up local flyers and creating press releases to secure television, newspaper and radio mentions. Behind the scenes, Tanya and her staff (officially known as dog whisperers) spent countless HOURS cajoling, coaxing, feeding, begging, pleading, scratching, snuggling, rewarding, petting, and sometimes even dragging a few of the most adorable dogs in Winston-Salem onto the set of the Oh, Goodness studio. Whether they were highfalutin thoroughbreds or former homeless dogs rescued by Stepping Stones or other rescue organizations, all were welcome to be featured. And ALL were obviously loved!

Six months, hundreds of hours and over 130 dogs later, The Dogs of Winston-Salem Book is becoming a reality. The beautiful 9”x12” hard-bound coffee table book, featuring some of the most adorable and loved dogs from The Dash, will be released in September 2017. The project generated over $15,000 for Stepping Stones Canine Rescue…far and away the largest fundraiser that has benefited the group.


 The Dog of Winston-Salem book was so popular that we listened

Stay tuned. More news about Volume II to come…