We’re so excited to welcome Santa back to our studio next month and can’t wait to see the faces of girls and boys as they enter our studio and embark on a magical afternoon they won’t soon forget!

During our Magical Santa Portrait experience, you and your child are transported to Santa’s home & workshop where the magic begins. This is an afternoon designed just for your child, so that your little one can spend time with Santa talking and playing, while our team is in the background capturing all of the magic of believing for you.

While there’s nothing that warms our hearts more than the sight of a little boy or girl experiencing the magic of Christmas, the best part is watching the parents and grandparents get to experience and remember the joy and wonder of Christmas, too. As one of our clients, Stasie, shared:

“The looks on their faces when they saw Santa were priceless! Tanya was able to capture all the precious moments for us to enjoy for years to come.”

The magic doesn’t end when you leave our studio either. Once this magical afternoon has to come to an end for your child, we help you carry Christmas home with the perfect, heirloom piece for you to pull out each year to relive the magic all over again. We’ll help guide you in selecting a one-of-a-kind Christmas album or a custom-framed Christmas portrait for you to display in your home for Christmases to come. With our Christmas albums, we customize the story, so that your child is once again a part of the moment and the magic, and will want to read this story each and every Christmas.

As one client, Stasie, shared after receiving her family’s custom-album:

“The album Tanya and her team created tells the whole story behind the portrait session, and our magical portrait will be a traditional decoration during Christmas for our home.”

For our custom-framed Christmas portraits, we’ll help you select the perfect portrait to fill your home each holiday season. As one of our clients, Ashley, shared:

“The experience was truly magical and the spectacular portrait is nestled on our mantle every Christmas. It is absolutely perfect!”

You’ll always remember the magic of this day with your custom album or portrait, and your child will take home a very special gift from Santa that will turn in to a new Christmas tradition that you’ll both enjoy. Santa’s Magical Gift allows your child to create a written time capsule of thoughts, wishes, and events each and every Christmas! Inside this special gift set is an audio book that tells the story of a child’s dream on the night before Christmas. In the dream, the child goes to Santa’s workshop and Santa asks, “How would you like a way to tell me your wishes for the rest of your life?” Santa then gives the child their very own Magic Box, and inside the Magic Box is a Wish Book. The Magic Box and Wish Book allows your child to write their name in the book and start writing their Christmas wishes to Santa. As one client, Laura, shared:

“My boys carefully placed their Magic Box and Wish Books by their milk and cookies for Santa the night before Christmas last year. They have even started mentioning their Wish Books and what they’ll write in them this Christmas!”

Our Magical Santa Portrait experience was designed for both you and your child to experience an unforgettable afternoon together and to take that magic home with you. Let us bottle all that joy and wonder, so that you and your child can open it each holiday season, for many, many Christmases to come. But hurry! Our Magical Santa Portrait experience is nearly sold out!

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