I’ll admit it, I’m one of those folks that can hardly wait for the Christmas season to begin. I enjoy the music, decorating my home, watching Elf for the umpteenth time with my kids, and I love the friendliness that becomes more evident in those around me. Then there are the smells of Christmas–spruce trees, cranberry, cinnamon. (Not really a fan of the pounds of Christmas :), but that’s another story!)

The Christmas season just puts a little pep in my step, and, this year, I’m already peppy because there’s only two weeks left until Santa is in my studio! The experience that we have planned is so incredible, I may just burst into song right about November 1!

In just two weeks, I’ll hear the same excitement and joy ringing through our studio from little ones, mothers, and grandmothers as they are greeted by Santa. I’ll see the shining of wonderment and believing in their eyes as I look through my camera lens. And, I’ll soak in the magic of being a part of a moment that will forever be memory. But, best of all, is knowing that this magical moment doesn’t end inside the walls of my studio.

With each Magical Santa Experience, there will be memories of this magical day. More importantly, you’ll always remember this moment in time when you take home a portrait or album treasure. Imagine pulling it out year after year at Christmas to look back on these sweet years of believing. And, your child will take home a very special gift from Santa himself that will turn in to a new Christmas tradition that you’ll both enjoy for Christmases to come.


Santa’s Magical Gift allows your child to create a written time capsule of thoughts, wishes, and events each and every Christmas! Inside this special gift set is an audio book that tells the story of a child’s dream on the night before Christmas. In the dream, the child goes to Santa’s workshop, and Santa asks, “How would you like a way to tell me your wishes for the rest of your life?” Santa then gives the child their very own Magic Box, and inside the Magic Box is a Wish Book. The Magic Box and Wish Book allows the child to write their name in the book and start writing their Christmas wishes to Santa!

Through their very own Magic Box and Wish Book, your little one will be able to talk to Santa just like they’ve been able to do so during their time with him in our studio! On Christmas Eve, your child will put their Wish Book with all of their handwritten, Christmas wishes into the Magic Box on the night stand next to their bed, and, in the morning when they wake up, their Magic Box will be open with a clue in it from Santa.

Santa will write a clue for your child to start a fun treasure hunt to find their Christmas gift from Santa! Through this treasure hunt, you’ll create a timeless, magical tradition in your home that creates even more excitement, anticipation, and believing on Christmas morning. And, you’ll have a treasured collection of your little one’s wishes in writing from each and every Christmas to look back on.

Because the spirit of Christmas is truly about giving more than receiving, in Santa’s Magical Gift you’ll also find thank you notes. This is a way to instill gratitude for all the blessings and gifts your child has received, by starting a tradition of thanking Santa for his gift and for the fun treasure hunt. Your little one will fill out their thank you note to Santa, place it in their Magic Box, and close the lid. The next morning, your little one will wake up to an empty Magic Box and know, once again, that Santa has heard and visited them.

I’m so excited for you and your child to be able to carry home the magic from your time with Santa and for you to create a treasured tradition that helps extend these special (short!) years of believing for your family.

With Santa only two weeks away from arriving in our studio, I’m so happy to share that we do have a few session times still available. To reserve your Magical Santa Portrait experience and receive Santa’s Magical Gift, please contact us today. I can’t wait to welcome you into our studio!

To learn even more about what to expect during your child’s Magical Santa Portrait Experience, stop by our first post where we share what makes our experience so magical and unlike any other.