We’re welcoming Santa back to our studio on November 4, November 9, and November 10 to create a magical experience that your little ones won’t soon forget. Mothers and grandmothers, I wanted to take a moment to share why this is a magical experience that you won’t soon forget either.

I can remember the look on my three’s faces during the Christmas season, and the sense of joy and wonder I felt just being around my little believers. Those times felt so joyful, so magical, and even simpler. What I would give to be able to bottle that feeling up and open it now that my three are much older and past those magical years of believing!

In a way, creating our Magical Santa Portrait experience is my way of doing just that for my clients. Through this experience, we focus on extending that time of believing for your little ones by sharing Santa with them. There are no lines to stand in, no other children waiting impatiently for their turn to get to sit on Santa’s knee. This is a moment designed just for your child, so that your little one can spend time with Santa talking, and playing, and getting to ask and do all the things our little ones dream they would do if they had more than five minutes with Santa. And, you get to be there to soak up this magical moment, too. As one of our clients shared after her sons’ magical experience with Santa, “I feel so fortunate to have been able to witness pure joy. And, if there was any doubt in Santa, it was wiped away that afternoon. This is a memory that our whole family will cherish for many years.”

Once this magical afternoon has to come to an end for your child, the magic and believing don’t end in our studio. We help you carry Christmas home with the perfect, heirloom piece for you to pull out each Christmas to relive the magic all over again. We’ll listen to the vision you have and guide you in selecting a one-of-a-kind Christmas album or a custom-framed Christmas portrait. With our Christmas albums, we’re able to customize the story, so that your child is, once again, a part of the moment and the magic, and will want to read this story each and every Christmas. And you will want to pick that album up for years and transport yourself back to that magical time.

For our custom-framed Christmas portraits, we’ll help you select the perfect image to fill your home each Christmas season. As one of our clients shared, “Our girls’ Christmas portrait is a lovely reminder, year after year, of the timeless magic of the holiday season. I’m thankful to have preserved this sweet (and fleeting!) season of wonder in this family treasure. I love pulling it out each Christmas and decorating my home with this beautiful piece.”

Let us bottle all that joy, wonder, and magic so that you can open it each holiday season, for many, many Christmases to come.

To reserve your Magical Santa Portrait experience, please contact us today. I can’t wait to welcome you into our studio!

And, to learn even more about our Magical Santa Portrait Experience and the special gift Santa has for your little one, stop by our third post where we share how you and your child will be able to carry home the magic from your time with Santa and create a treasured tradition that will extend these special (short!) years of believing for your family.