So blessed to be able to photograph Meredith and Joe’s wedding this past weekend. It was a beautifully and carefully planned day full of lots of love. And since the wedding is now passed, I am now even more excited to release some of the images I did of Meredith doing her bridal session. She is a bride that was a beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside…a sweeter one, you’ve never met.

We started our session indoors at the Millennium Center because, quite frankly, the skies did not look like they were going to cooperate with us and the threat of rain was imminent.  However, after some time there, we became confident that we would be able to get outdoors, and we headed to Salem College and the area surrounding Old Salem to finish up her session. Both yielded some lovely images and were perfect for some canvas portraits for her parents to display in their home.

Enjoy this look at Meredith’s beautiful bridal session.

Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0474.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0475.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0476.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0477.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0478.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0479.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0480.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0481.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0482.jpg
Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer_0483.jpg