When Natalie first contacted me about her wedding, I knew immediately that it would be one that would stand out as a beautiful day. She told me the church…St. Leo The Great Catholic Church, here in Winston-Salem…one of the loveliest churches in the area. Then she told me where the reception would be held…Graylyn International Conference Center…the castle-like home of Bowman Gray, Sr. and the most sought-after wedding venue in town. Lastly, Natalie mentioned this little nugget…it would be a Great Gatsby-Themed wedding. I could hardly contain myself and was beyond thrilled when she asked me document her wedding to Michael.

Natalie and Michael first met when she took summer classes at Wake Forest University, where Michael was in undergraduate school. The story was that he was helping her study. I think he had more than studying on his mind. And who could blame him! Natalie is a classic beauty and I’m sure he was happy to help her study! Michael is a native of Great Britain, but has lived in the states since he was a young boy. However, he still retains that sweet British charm! Natalie, I’m sure picked up on that from the beginning!

I was delighted to have Melinda Benedict alongside me on this day to second shoot and capture all of the love and beauty that surrounded them on their wedding day.

I started the day with Natalie and her family in their home. When I pulled up, her dress was already hanging in their front window…perfectly in place! The Maggie Sottero design, called Jade, was simple, yet elegant and divinely suited for her tiny figure.
Great Gatsby Wedding_0005.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0006.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0007.jpg

Sherwood Florist provided the bouquets of calla lilies. Classic and timeless!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0008.jpg

Natalie’s hair and makeup was done to a perfect T by Up-dos from Kernersville. They could have not done a more amazing job recreating the 1920’s look Natalie was going for. I’m pretty sure every woman in the church wanted her hair!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0009.jpgMichael’s mother passed away a few years ago, and this sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet that belonged to her was a gift from Michael to Natalie.

Great Gatsby Wedding_0010.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0012.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0013.jpgGreat Gatsby Wedding_0014.jpg
Natalie was surrounded by her three sisters and her friend, Heidi. It was so much fun to be with these girls who had spent so many years together. Great Gatsby Wedding_0015.jpg
Natalie’s niece, Eve, was the adorable flower girl. She is obviously the apple of everyone’s eye…especially her grandmother’s! Great Gatsby Wedding_0016.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0017.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0018.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0019.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0020.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0021.jpg
Hello! Natalie, you looked nothing short of stunning on this day!

Great Gatsby Wedding_0022.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0027.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0028.jpg

Michael sent one of his groomsmen, Will, over with a gift for Natalie. Michael had put hours of planning into creating a scrapbook of memories from the years he had spent with Natalie. I think he has known for a LONG time that she was the girl for him and he wanted to hold on to all of those wonderful memories they had created over the years!

Great Gatsby Wedding_0011.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0023.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0024.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0025.jpg

Natalie also was touched by a beautiful gold angel pendant that Michael’s mother had asked to be given to Natalie on her wedding day.

Great Gatsby Wedding_0026.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0029.jpg

And as if the day wasn’t shaping up to be amazing already, the girls were whisked away to the church by a horse-drawn carriage. Yep, pretty much it was a Cinderella-kind-of-day!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0031.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0030.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0032.jpg

Perhaps one of my most favorite bridal shots below of Natalie.

Great Gatsby Wedding_0033.jpg

Over at Graylyn, the guys were relaxing and trying to keep Michael calm under pressure! Of course, they did a great job and Melinda was there to capture every moment.
Great Gatsby Wedding_0034.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0035.jpg

Natalie had taken time to write a hand-written note to Michael expressing her feelings for him. I always love when couples do special things like this on their wedding day!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0036.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0037.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0038.jpg

Michael’s gifts to his groomsmen were monogrammed cufflinks and black watches. Very sharp!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0039.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0040.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0041.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0042.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0043.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0044.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0045.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0046.jpg

The church was brimming with excitement as the ladies arrived in grand style.
Great Gatsby Wedding_0047.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0048.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0049.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0050.jpg

Love this shot below. The sweet smiles and excitement on their faces say it all as they get their first look at Natalie. Proud to say that my daughter, Lydia, was also shooting with me on this day and this was one of her shots!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0051.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0052.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0053.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0054.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0055.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0056.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0057.jpg

Greeting Michael & Natalie when they left the church was a vintage Excalibur car just like was used in the Great Gatsby film. Spectacular!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0058.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0059.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0060.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0061.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0095.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0062.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0063.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0064.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0065.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0066.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0067.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0068.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0069.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0070.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0071.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0072.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0073.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0074.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0075.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0076.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0077.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0078.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0079.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0080.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0081.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0082.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0083.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0084.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0085.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0117.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0086.jpg

Graylyn has never looked lovelier! What a perfect setting for the theme of this day!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0087.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0088.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0089.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0090.jpg

Regi Jones of Regi’s Originals created, not only a beautiful cake, but an incredibly tasty one too!  I consider it a VERY important part of my job to have a quick bite of the wedding cake. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! In all seriousness, I am always asked for recommendations for virtually any type of vendor for weddings, and I like to be able to speak honestly about my experiences. I’m partial to some good ‘ole buttercream frosting. Not a big fan of fondant or the new, lighter “whipping cream” type of frosting. Regi’s cake did not disappoint! It was super moist and delicious!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0091.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0092.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0093.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0094.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0096.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0099.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0100.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0101.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0102.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0103.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0104.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0098.jpg

Great Gatsby Wedding_0097.jpg

Groovetown, out of Raleigh, was the band for the evening, and kept the party entertaining and the dance floor filled. They had a great selection of music and lots of fun! I always love a live band to keep things moving at a reception!
Great Gatsby Wedding_0105.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0106.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0107.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0108.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0109.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0110.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0111.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0112.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0113.jpg

Ahhh…a sweet stolen moment caught through the glass doors as Michael & Natalie enjoyed their evening together.
Great Gatsby Wedding_0114.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0115.jpg
Great Gatsby Wedding_0116.jpg
Thank you Michael & Natalie for asking me to be part of your day! What a joy it was to work with both of you and see all of the hard work you put into this day come together. It was certainly a fairy-tale day! I wish you much happiness throughout your lives and can’t wait to watch your lives continue to be blessed!