I can truthfully say that Sandy and Devon’s wedding was one of the most fun and special weddings I have photographed in a while. It was truly a day that was everything they wanted it to be.

When Sandy first contacted me about a year ago to talk about their wedding plans, they were really up in the air about a location. The church where she belongs is currently under construction and they were unsure of the state of the building on their wedding day. In addition, they really wanted something casual and fun…where they knew their guests could unwind and celebrate with them. After checking out the local options, they decided on a quite unique choice…instead of booking one of the existing locations in our area, they approached Devon’s parent’s about the possibility of building a wedding venue on their family farm…along the banks of the Yadkin River. Not a small undertaking…but Sandy and Devon knew that there could be a real future beyond their wedding if they took the chance. So…I was lucky enough to be the photographer at the first wedding on Donnaha Valley Farm…a fabulous new wedding venue just on the border of Forsyth and Yadkin Counties.

Because Sandy is a bit of a sentimentalist, she wanted to start her day surrounded by her family at her grandmother’s home. Her grandmother is the matriarch of their family and an important part of her life and she wanted to have her play a special part in her day.

Donaha Farm Wedding_0001.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0002.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0003.jpg
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Donaha Farm Wedding_0005.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0006.jpg

Oh, Sandy! You look like a dream and you aren’t even in your dress yet!
Donaha Farm Wedding_0007.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0008.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0009.jpg

What a special time having both her mom and grandmother with her as she prepares for the wedding!
Donaha Farm Wedding_0010.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0011.jpg

Donaha Farm Wedding_0013.jpg

And then, quick as a minute…dad appears in the doorway! Not one to be all about making a big deal over anything, this totally suited how his first look at Sandy should have played out! And I must say that he looks rather pleased about the situation.
Donaha Farm Wedding_0012.jpg

Donaha Farm Wedding_0014.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0015.jpg

And oh the flowers! Amy Lynne Originals was the perfect choice to be the provider of Sandy’s flowers. Not only is Amy one of the nicest folks in town, she is wonderfully creative. When Sandy described her day to me, I quickly told her about Amy’s work because I knew her open, airy style would be a great fit for her. I love recommending other professionals that I know will do an outstanding job!

Donaha Farm Wedding_0088
Donaha Farm Wedding_0016.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0017.jpg

Now it was time to take a little ride out to the farm for the real festivities and to let Sandy see her handsome groom!
Donaha Farm Wedding_0018.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0019.jpg

Devon and his groomsmen got ready for the day in his little cabin on the family property. I’m grateful to my friend and photographer, Grant Blair, for being on hand on this warm day to work his magic.
Donaha Farm Wedding_0020.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0021.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0022.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0023.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0024.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0025.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0026.jpg

It sounds a little crazy, but we found a nice, cool, moss-covered area (that’s really intended for a friendly game of horse shoes!) under the trees behind Devon’s home. It was perfectly suited to give them some privacy and a break from the heat of the day. Sandy was anxious to finally see Devon now that all of the plans had been made and the venue was finished (just in the nick of time!).
Donaha Farm Wedding_0027.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0028.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0029.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0030.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0031.jpg

The rest of the bridal party was also anxious to join the couple. It’s nice to have the first look out of the way so that some of the bridal party images can be done before the wedding. This allows everyone to get to the reception faster and enjoy more of the party afterwards!  And yes, I was pretty much dying over the barn setting! So gorgeous!

Donaha Farm Wedding_0089
Donaha Farm Wedding_0032.jpg

Donaha Farm Wedding_0090
Donaha Farm Wedding_0033.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0034.jpg

Did I tell you the setting was incredible or what?
Donaha Farm Wedding_0035.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0036.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0037.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0038.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0039.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0040.jpg
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Donaha Farm Wedding_0042.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0043.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0044.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0045.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0046.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0047.jpg

Love these two unscripted bridal party images below. So much fun to work with this group. And the love they have for Devon and Sandy was so obvious. Just another piece of that absolutely perfect day!
Donaha Farm Wedding_0048.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0049.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0050.jpg

And just look at that light!
Donaha Farm Wedding_0051.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0052.jpg

It was finally time for the new pavilion to make its debut. And with the help of Sandy’s mom and wedding planners, Terri Crawford & Kim Snyder, it could not have been more beautiful!
Donaha Farm Wedding_0053.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0054.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0055.jpg

Donaha Farm Wedding_0056.jpg

Oh. My. Goodness. I was totally in love with this green and ivory color scheme blended with the burlap accents. And the light streaming into the pavilion at that hour was absolutely divine!
Donaha Farm Wedding_0057.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0058.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0059.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0060.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0061.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0062.jpg
Favorite shot of Devon and Sandy below!

Donaha Farm Wedding_0063.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0064.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0065.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0066.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0067.jpg

Following a delicious catered dinner by Honky Tonk Smokehouse in Winston-Salem, Sandy and Devon headed over to cut their cake.  Three Sister’s Artisan Bakery in Mocksville provided the cake. Fabulous tasting!
Donaha Farm Wedding_0068.jpg

And now it was time to get to the really fun part. Sandy and Devon were adamant about one thing. They would have an amazing band to entertain on their wedding day. Savannah Jack is based out of Nashville, TN and is comprised of band members who have an extensive resume of playing with some of the biggest names in the country. They are all amazing musicians and I cannot even begin to tell you how they made this party hop. When I got home after the wedding, it took me hours to decompress. I think I knew every single song they played and we all danced and sang (as I shot!) all night long. So much fun to watch all of the guests enjoy themselves until the very end.

Donaha Farm Wedding_0070.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0069.jpg

Donaha Farm Wedding_0071.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0072.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0073.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0092Donaha Farm Wedding_0093Donaha Farm Wedding_0094Donaha Farm Wedding_0095Donaha Farm Wedding_0096Donaha Farm Wedding_0097
Donaha Farm Wedding_0074.jpg

Donaha Farm Wedding_0076.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0075.jpg

Donaha Farm Wedding_0077.jpg
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Donaha Farm Wedding_0081.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0082.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0083.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0084.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0085.jpg

Even Sandy and Devon got in a little song before the very end of the night. As I recall, I believe it was Jack & Diane. Talk about one to sing along with! Great fun all around.
Donaha Farm Wedding_0086.jpg
Donaha Farm Wedding_0087.jpg

I am so thrilled to have been asked to play a part in Sandy & Devon’s wedding day. They are such a special couple and it was a treat to work alongside them and watch all of their dreams come true! My best wishes for many happy happy years together!