It feels like just yesterday that I was soaking up mornings and afternoons with each of these seniors to create a portrait that would capture the essence of who they are and encapsulate their senior year of high school. And this week, they’re each headed out into the big, great world. 

My wish for you, dear seniors, is that you will enjoy this new chapter. I wish that each of you will follow the path that brings you joy & fulfillment; not the kind of fulfillment that is often defined on the field of achievement or in the coveted, high GPA, but in the fulfillment that can only come from soaking up this new experience and being fully open to where it can lead you. My wish is that you will take these next few years to soak up life, to grow friendships, to be open to new opinions and ideas, to pursue inklings of your passions, and to be fully present in each moment.

My wish for you, dear mommas and daddies of these dear seniors, is that you, too, will treasure and enjoy this milestone. As a parent, milestones often leave us in a jumbled mess of emotions, and I want you to know that’s OK. We’ve been given the joy of being present for each and every milestone, from the very first day of kindergarten to this moment right now. I wish that when you find yourself in the midst of that mess, that you’ll smile, and take comfort in knowing your senior is exactly where they are meant to be at this moment.

As I’ve watched my own senior make her way in the world with the passing of each year, I can honestly say that I can’t wait to watch each of you dear seniors do the same. Congratulations class of 2017. Your future is so bright & there’s so much to look forward to.

Wishing you all the joy & happiness one can soak up over these next few years!