The Willard Family

Portrait Gallery

Jeremy and Amy’s family was at the perfect stage to have a family portrait created. Their daughter was in her last year of elementary school and their son, at 5, was about to outgrow that adorable phase of childhood, begin to lose teeth and enter the time where kids change every time you blink. The Willards are easy-going and casual and they wanted a portrait for their den that reflected family…the most important thing to them. In addition, they had a mixed-media portrait of their daughter painted when she was five and they wanted Tanya to create one of the same size and style of their son at the same age.

Tanya met with them and after finding out about their vision and family background, she suggested that they all meet at Jeremy’s family farm, where he grew up. It just made sense that their session should take place in such a familiar place, where they have enjoyed spending so much time with their own family. In addition, the farm location embodied the simple lifestyle that the Willards appreciate and like so many families, long for.

The family selected a beautiful image of their family with their sweet dog, Sadie, in the back yard at the family farm as their main portrait, The clothing and setting lent a feeling of a simpler time, when life was a little more laid back. They also chose an image of their children together and one of each alone to create a grouping for their bedroom. The image that was chosen to be painted of their son was a perfect reflection of a five year old boy…still a child, but on the brink of growing up.

The painted portrait of the Willard’s son will be a family heirloom for years…one they will present to him when he is an adult and will adorn his home as well. They realize that the years of childhood are precious and fleeting and they placed tremendous value on having a timeless piece that would never be replaced. The portrait Tanya created for them has such charm and realism…enough to make the viewer want to reach out and touch the sweet little cheeks of the Willard’s son.