What We Do

Tell Your Family’s Story

Every family has moments that define them — the laughter, the milestones, and the quiet in-betweens. Even though time may slip away, the special memories can still be cherished for a lifetime.

At Oh Goodness, Fine Portraits, our team has developed a luxury and stress-free experience from planning for the session to selecting the best portrait for your home. With our in-person studio, we craft museum-quality portraits aimed to reflect your family’s unique story.

Our Mission

Celebrating Priceless Moments, Together

Our studio founder, Tanya Odom, was raised in a family where photography was seen as a skilled art. Her father emphasized the importance of preserving family memories in a way that one can always treasure forever.

In 2006, Tanya Odom established a studio dedicated to capturing other’s family or cherished moments. The studio’s goal is to touch the hearts of clients through exceptional service and legacy heirloom art that fosters appreciation for the preciousness of family.

Our Values

Providing a Quality Portrait Experience

We Empower

Seeing ourselves through the lens of love and admiration can be a transformative experience. Our portraits are more than just a picture; they are reflections of the admiration, respect, and love that your family shares.

We Honor

We value the client’s experience as much as the portraits we create. Here, you'll find a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where every detail is tailored to honor your family's story.

We Deliver

We offer a personalized journey, ensuring that every session is as memorable as the portraits themselves. Our team seeks to please each client and to deliver on every promise.

We Preserve

We seek to earn the trust of each client by providing a lasting investment. We cherish the opportunity to craft timeless pieces that bring joy not only to our clients but also to future generations.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind our portrait studio.

Founder and Owner

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Create Your Moment

Preserve the beauty of those you love with a timeless piece of art. In years to come, you will be thankful for the decision to invest in what truly matters – the enduring love and memories of your family.